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Who is iSS Acoustics?

iSS Acoustics is a leading enterprise in providing solutions and building high-class acoustic architectures. As the number 1 choice of famous musicians and sound engineers in Vietnam such as musicians Nguyen Hai Phong, Thanh Bui, Khac Hung, Touliver, Phan Manh Quynh, Mr Siro, …

iSS Acoustics is proud to have created the first professional studios, music rooms and cinemas of international quality in Vietnam.

Particularly in the professional studio segment, iSS Acoustics is leading the market with more than 90% of the new high-end studio projects in the past 2 years, designed and built by us.

Customers say about us

iSS Acoustics Nguyen Hai Phong

Producer Nguyễn Hải Phong

“Tôi tin tưởng ê-kíp iSS Acoustics và đặt trọn niềm tin để làm ra hệ thống phòng thu và loa monitor của mình.”

Producer Khắc Hưng

“Cảm ơn iSS đã giúp đỡ Hưng rất nhiệt tình để làm nên một công trình vừa đã tai vừa mãn nhãn như thế này! Trời ơi, đêm xuống nghe nhạc từ cặp loa Dynamik, đèn bật hiu hiu, buồn buồn ngó ra ngoài cửa ngắm cây xanh, best!”

iSS Acoustics Att Iss

American Mixing Engineer Att Iss

“The attention to the smallest detail and the passion that iSS puts into their projects is admirable. Clean bass, balanced Mid-range and clear High Frequency. I enjoy every minute in the studio with their monitor (Dynamik M1). In fact, I have to force myself to take breaks because I can easily get lost in the sound and listen to music for hours in this room.”

Composer Mr. Siro

“Chất lượng hoàn thiện sắc nét hơn cả bản 3D, tận tâm tận tình tư vấn đủ mọi mong muốn của khách hàng, chất lượng thì tốt hơn cả lời nói, những gì nhận được khiến khách hàng vô cùng biết ơn”

GiK Acoustics Mr. Lukas Rimbach

“It is VERY flat regardless! Great job! And that is as good as a smaller room like that can get possibly, really impressive! A lot of people claim they know their stuff and would be scared to show results, you can definitely show these to anybody. In all honesty you could have gotten lucky with the room but the dimensions don’t seem so lots of respect! I can’t say that all the rooms I treat turn out that well. Of course it is due to budget constraints and the limitation of working with modules.”

Designed and built by iSS Acoustics

Composer Mr Siro

Why should you work with iSS Acoustics?

Dedicated and honest advice

Consulting with the highest purpose is the interests of customers. We have even saved up to 50% of the expected budget of some customers thanks to technical solutions and optimal equipment selection.

Professional Acoustic Design

The team of designers and experts in acoustics and sound systems are trained by leading European experts.

iSS Acoustics Thi cong cach am tieu am chuyen nghiep

Standard construction

The team of supervisors and workers are well-trained in the construction of works related to sound, careful and accurate to every little detail.

Comprehensive solution

Simulation, design, construction, furniture, sound system and complete calibration… Just state your request and then experience great sound in your new room without any fuss. any other problem.

Cơ sở khoa học


The design is based on clear quantitative indications of the acoustic reference room of the International Standards.

Đo đạc âm thanh

Clear specifications

Test after completion and full report by professional measuring equipment.

Chi phí làm phòng tiêu âm cách âm


Excellent cost-performance ratio thanks to smart design, standard construction, premium sound system and professional tuning.

Sự hài lòng của khách hàng

97.12% satisfied customers

We consider customer satisfaction as a measure of our own reputation and success. With more than 130 projects in just the last 2 years, 97.12% of even the most demanding customers are absolutely satisfied and recommend us to their friends.

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iSS provides cost-effective, excellent sound performance solutions.

Please contact us whenever you need advice or project implementation on professional studio in particular and sound in general.

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