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The importance of Architectural Acoustics

When designing architecture – houses, offices, hospitals, restaurants, airport lounges or entertainment complexes – both the architect and the developer must ensure the creation of a comfortable environment. acoustically roof. Ignoring the sound aspect will make future business and commerce more disadvantageous, even expensive. For example: The bar had to


Basic properties of Sound

4 basic properties of sound Now, let’s open the book, we will see that sound has 4 basic properties: pitch, duration, intensity and finally timbre. Explained simply: High. Pitch helps us distinguish between high and low notes Length. The duration tells us whether the note or sound is long or

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What is sound?

If you’ve opened this article, you’re definitely someone with a real interest in audio, whether you’re an Audiophile or a sound engineer. I’m glad you wanted to get back to learning simple but important things like this. Because based on the nature of sound, new recording and mixing equipment, sound