• Architectural Acoustics
  • The importance of Architectural Acoustics

    When designing architecture – houses, offices, hospitals, restaurants, airport lounges or entertainment complexes – both the architect and the developer must ensure the creation of a comfortable environment. acoustically roof. Ignoring the sound aspect will make future business and commerce more disadvantageous, even expensive. For example: The bar had to stop operating because it was […]

  • tinh-chat-co-ban-cua-am-thanh
  • Basic properties of Sound

    4 basic properties of sound Now, let’s open the book, we will see that sound has 4 basic properties: pitch, duration, intensity and finally timbre. Explained simply: High. Pitch helps us distinguish between high and low notes Length. The duration tells us whether the note or sound is long or short. You can also understand […]

  • Loa truyền âm thanh đến tai
  • What is sound?

    If you’ve opened this article, you’re definitely someone with a real interest in audio, whether you’re an Audiophile or a sound engineer. I’m glad you wanted to get back to learning simple but important things like this. Because based on the nature of sound, new recording and mixing equipment, sound absorption and soundproofing methods have […]

What our customers say about us

  • Alec Schachner
    Thank you ISS Acoustics for the elegant design and immaculate attention to detail! 🤘🤩😎 Sound quality is superb and working vibe is awesome! Check these guys out for all you soundproofing/treatment and studio design needs, as well as their superior quality custom monitor line Dynamik, bringing post-production capabilities in Vietnam to new heights with the clearest flushmounts & nearfields available in the price range and lovingly fabricated, fine-tune installed right here in VN! Cannot overstate how much these guys kick ass! Thank you and keep on rockin’!
    Alec Schachner
    Producer, ẾchẾch Studios
  • Mr Siro - Vuong Quoc Tuan
    Chất lượng hoàn thiện sắc nét hơn cả bản 3D, tận tâm tận tình tư vấn đủ mọi mong muốn của khách hàng, chất lượng thì tốt hơn cả lời nói, những gì nhận được khiến khách hàng vô cùng biết ơn
    Mr. Siro
  • JustaTee
    Cảm ơn các anh đã rất nhiệt tình giúp JustaTee hoàn thiện phòng studio 1 cách ưng ý nhất. Phòng ok lắm! Nếu có dịp làm phòng nào khác nhất định sẽ quay lại “làm phiền” iSS!
  • nguyen thanh nhan nyan music
    iSS Acoustics - công ty mà với tôi là chuyên âm thanh Studio hàng đầu Việt Nam. Về chất lượng phòng ốc thì tôi xin không nói nhiều về từ ngữ số má kĩ thuật, chốt một từ ===> RẤT XỊN!! Phòng thu và mix rất sướng, làm cho người ta hát thấy thích hẳn. Căn phòng không còn tình trạng âm thanh nhòa nhòa ù ù trong mỗi buổi tập như trước, mọi lỗi sai trong tập luyện đều được bóc trần rõ ràng, góp phần nâng trình độ cũng như khả năng thẩm âm của người chơi. Ánh sáng rất đẹp và dễ chịu, không chói mắt."
    Nguyễn Thành Nhân
    NYAN Music
  • ngo viet dung
    Giải pháp chống rung tuyệt vời! Cải thiện đáng kể cho hệ thống âm thanh của tôi!
    Mr. N.V. Dũng
    Giám đốc
  • Lukas-Rimbach
    It is VERY flat regardless! Great job! And that is as good as a smaller room like that can get possibly, really impressive! A lot of people claim they know their stuff and would be scared to show results, you can definitely show these to anybody. In all honesty you could have gotten lucky with the room but the dimensions don’t seem so lots of respect! I can’t say that all the rooms I treat turn out that well. Of course it is due to budget constraints and the limitation of working with modules.
    Mr. Lukas Rimbach
    Acoustic Advisor, GiK Acoustics
  • marc-mozart
    ...Love your work brother ...excellent cable management... ...It’s a very professional and minimalistic setup using quality components.
    Marc Mozart
    Mixing Engineer, Germany