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IMPACT© Series Basstrap

Basstrap cao cấp với khả năng xử lý rộng từ 40-20.000 Hz

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  • ngo viet dung
    Giải pháp chống rung tuyệt vời! Cải thiện đáng kể cho hệ thống âm thanh của tôi!
    Mr. N.V. Dũng
    Giám đốc Shadow.vn
  • Lukas-Rimbach
    It is VERY flat regardless! Great job! And that is as good as a smaller room like that can get possibly, really impressive! A lot of people claim they know their stuff and would be scared to show results, you can definitely show these to anybody. In all honesty you could have gotten lucky with the room but the dimensions don’t seem so lots of respect! I can’t say that all the rooms I treat turn out that well. Of course it is due to budget constraints and the limitation of working with modules.
    Mr. Lukas Rimbach
    Acoustic Advisor, GiK Acoustics
  • marc-mozart
    ...Love your work brother...excellent cable management......It’s a very professional and minimalistic setup using quality components.
    Marc Mozart
    Mixing Engineer, Germany